Tips and Good Habits

Helpful Tips Approved by Patients

Helfpul Tips

This is a list of advice that patients have found most helpful for exercising. The list has been approved by physicians, physiotherapists, and certified exercise specialists with experience in cirrhosis patient care.

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Here is a brief summary of some tips!

  1. Practice a new exercise correctly in front of a mirror to make sure it is being done correctly. Doing an exercise with the incorrect posture or wrong muscles is not helpful.
  2. Avoid lifting the shoulders when performing arm exercises, especially those targeting the upper body and arms. Between sets, inhale, and relax the shoulders downwards.
  3. Smile!
  4. Take rest breaks as needed. LISTEN to your body!
  5. Perform each muscle strengthening exercise in a slow and controlled manner. Save the speed for the aerobic sessions!

Be a giver and help your liver!

Drink a meal supplement or eat a snack before or after an exercise session.