Week 10

“Feeling connected to each other is a basic human need.”

No human is an island – at least healthy ones aren’t. Just as you don’t live alone in a vacuum, your healthy habits don’t happen in a vacuum either.  People in your life can be both allies and foes (usually unintentionally) when it comes to how you live, so your social network plays a big role in your ability to engage in healthy habits and live a healthy and vibrant life.

This week, we will explore close relationships, and how to have your social environment support your healthy habits. 


Interested in learning more about nutrition? Visit the Resources page to get PBC specific nutrition tips from registered dietician, Andrea Hardy.

In this week’s “tip from a PBC physician” video, Dr. Gideon Hirschfield from the University of Toronto discusses:  “What care should I expect to receive for my PBC?” You can click here to access a transcript for the video.